God's Siren: Speeding Through Life

by Kay McDaniel

God's Siren
God's Siren

The shrill sound caused me to slam on the car brakes. Craning my head out the opened window I was already grabbing for my wallet. But there was no police car or emergency vehicle in sight. Yet, the siren continued blaring.

Earlier that morning I had felt a distinct tug from God regarding my habit of speeding in the car. I tend to zip through life sometimes at a reckless pace. Deciding to take a more proactive approach, I specifically asked God that morning to alert me the next time I tried to mimic a car racer without the race car. I was fully aware that God wasn’t merely after my heavy-footedness but my harried lifestyle.
Not long after my "amen," I envisioned God persuading a police officer to give me a speeding ticket or cause a fender-bender to bring home His point. So, as I slowly shifted gears, I clarified my prayer. "God, about this speeding problem...would You just gently remind me when I speed?

Later that day, as I was turning into the parking lot where I work I heard a piercing noise announcing my arrival. Getting out of the car, it dawned on me of the siren origin of this noise. I opened my car trunk. While scrambling to silence the blaring machine friends ran over inquiring about the commotion. I explained that three years ago my dad gave me this nifty lightweight car safety device to use in case of an emergency.

"See this button?" I pressed it nothing happened. I pushed another button that should have signaled a brilliant red and yellow flashing light and should cut of that awful shrill sound. But it kept blaring. So, I opened the case where 8 batteries should be lodged. Startling, there were no batteries in the device! How could that be? How was it running? About 5 minutes later, the shrill abruptly stopped.

At that moment I remembered my early morning prayer. I had expressly asked God to help me drive slower but without getting a ticket. The siren was a warning from heaven and I got the message loud and clear.

God can work quite creatively when He wants to drive home His point. Scripture reveals that God moved through a donkey, a rod and even mud, so why would God using this safety device surprise me?

Is God trying to get your attention but you are too busy to fully hear Him? I hope He doesn’t have to employ a loud machine and bright flashing lights to illuminate His point!

Prayer Power Points:

“Prayer does not change God, but it changes the one who prays"
Soren Kierkegaard

“Prayer is opening ourselves to God so that He can open us to others"
Louis Evely

“Being in agony, he prayed more earnestly.”
Luke 22:44

“He who prays as he ought, will endeavor to live as he prays.”
John Owen